Finished aluminum can tab Sex Pistols coaster art! I'll be making more rock star/band coaster art so stayed tuned...

Acrylic, paper, and aluminum can tabs on card stock.

Started working on aluminum can tab coaster again recently and finally finished The Who coaster art. Acrylic, aluminum can tabs, and paper on 4" round card stock.




Here's Roger Daltrey of The Who's aluminum can tab art for the next Coaster art.

Finished Tom Petty&The Heartbreakers Aluminum Can Tab Coaster Art. I'll be putting resin on it later after I finish The Who Coaster Art next.

I went to see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers at The Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 25th, the last day of their 40th Anniversary Tour. Tom Petty died on Oct. 2nd. It was a sad sad day...he broke my heart so I decided to make him come back to life with my art. I'll be working on The Heartbreakers next and make them into another coaster art.

I finished it a week ago and I will be putting resin on it later.


My paintings, "Choice" and "Rebirth Of Venus" was exhibited at the CREATE Center For The Arts in Palm Desert, California on Saturday, September 23 for the Inspiration exhibition. "Choice" was SOLD! Red dot matches the apple in my painting.


I've been sketching for the next aluminum can tab art, The Rolling Stones. I'll be making a coaster out of these.

Mick Jagger

Keith Richards

Ronnie Wood

Charlie Watts