I finished Notorious RBG mini coffin art recently. 6”Hx3”Wx1.75”D Acrylic, decorative jewels, and glitter sticker on wooden box. RIP RBG!



Elton John and Motörhead coasters were sold out at 8th Annual Coaster Show at Gallery 30 South in Pasadena, CA. So happy they're sold but at the same time I'll miss them...


The show ended on Oct. 25th but you can still purchase coasters from other amazing artists!


My Elton John and Motorhead coasters are on view and available to purchase online at Gallery 30 South Coaster Show 2020 starting Oct. 1st. Click or paste the link below.



Also, my Motorhead coaster is on Gallery 30 South Coaster Show 2020's promo art! So cool and grateful!


Last week, I finally finished Elton John Aluminum Tab Coaster Art that I put on hold last year. Elton with white suit with wings from 1974, as Pinball Wizard from the movie, "Tommy", and colorful Elton in the movie, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle". and of course, I had to add some bling to the coaster for Elton!

Here's a first new painting of 2020!  “Friend Or Foe”, acrylic on a Japanese wooden box. 3.25”x10.125”x1.125” I like to recycle Japanese wooden boxes to paint since they are light and good quality. It's perfect for painting without needing a frame. This box was for Japanese wind chime.

I'm starting a new coaster art. Here's Elton John and Elton as Pinball Wizard from the movie, "Tommy".  I'll be making few more with different costumes to complete one Elton John coaster art.

Finished the first new painting of 2019 inspired by the film, Barbarella.

No need for guns when you have bananas...!


Bananarella - 8"x10" acrylic on board.